Buoylift<small>TM</small> Bra

Buoylift<small>TM</small> Bra

Buoylift<small>TM</small> Bra

Buoylift<small>TM</small> Bra


What is a BuoyliftTM?

A BuoyliftTM is a revolutionary, patented bra designed to offer lift, support and most importantly comfort! The BuoyliftTM design is pressure-free, particularly on the lower chest at the sternum area and around the torso. It eliminates binding, poking under-wire and digging straps typically felt with most bra designs.

How is the BuoyliftTM bra different than other comfort bras?

The BuoyliftTM bra has a soft cup that catches your breasts and scoops them up as you gently pull the strings, creating buoyant lift. The cups have removable pads that offer contour and nipple coverage. The straps adjust to your preference and the wide back panel helps reduce back fat.

What do I do with the BuoyliftTM strings?

The BuoyliftTM strings adjust the soft cups around the breasts. As you pull gently on the strings the cup catches the breast and lifts them up. To secure the lift tie the strings into a bow and tuck them into your cleavage area. You will not even feel them.

How do I choose my size?

The BuoyliftTM bra is sized like a traditional bra (but feels nothing like one!); there is a band size (32-40) and a cup size (A-C, D, DD)

How do I wash my BuoyliftTM bra?

We recommend hand washing, (or machine washing on “delicate”) in mild soap and hanging to dry. It is not necessary to remove the pads when washing.

How do I put on the BuoyliftTM bra?

The BuoyliftTM bra is put on over your head. All the seams stretch and give, so it easy to get in to!

Can I work out in the BuoyliftTM bra?

Yes. It is ideal for yoga, pilates, biking, walking, ...every day!

Can I sleep in the BuoyliftTM bra?

Yes, it is comfortable enough to sleep in without any of the discomfort you get from poking under-wire, scratchy shelf-bras or binding sports bras.

Is the BuoyliftTM bra good for pregnancy and nursing?

Yes! Our soft nylon and stretchy spandex embraces all of the curves of your changing body.