Yvonne Silverman “You don’t have to sacrifice comfort for lift and shape!”

Yvonne, The BuoyMama

About BuoyLiftTM Designs

BuoyliftTM Designs is the brainchild of Yvonne Silverman, a Yoga instructor and mother of two boys. She is very passionate about comfort and felt uncomfortable in nightgowns that offered no support.

Yvonne set out to create a support system in her nightgown that you could loosen at night and cinch up in the morning. After countless prototypes, her design finally worked! In fact it worked so well that she decided to bring that same comfort to a piece that women wear every day, the bra.

Most bras support from below, causing the weight of the breasts to fall to the bottom of the cups, causing pressure to build at the sternum. The patented BuoyliftTM bra scoops upward and suspends the breasts creating the buoyant feeling that defines the BuoyliftTM. Now women can experience the uniquely buoyant, uplifting support of her design, all day, every day!

Yvonne partnered with her husband Bob, to launch BuoyliftTM Designs and together they are sharing the BuoyliftTM comfort with women everywhere.

Made in America, by women, for women!