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Buoylift Bra

Buoylift Bra

Buoylift Bra

What others are saying ...

Hi Yvonne, 
I purchased my BuoyliftTM bra yesterday at the Women’s International Expo in Novi, Michigan.  I’m so thrilled with it & I wore the one I tried on all day. I really think you’re on to something great with the bras! 

I no longer have pressure on my shoulders & it feels like I’m not even wearing a bra.  The design is so simple, yet ingenious.  It had to be developed by a woman for women!
Many thanks.
Sheryl Audritsh

Hi, Yvonne!  
I wanted to thank you for sending the buoyliftTM bras my way! I absolutely LOVE them!  The bra is so comfortable I could even sleep in it.  You have a new fan!  Again, thank you so much for changing the way I look at bras!  
Take Care,
Beth Troutman

Hey there Yvonne. What a surprise today. I received my buoy bra! I LOVE IT. Wore it on my 30 mile bike ride and it felt great. I like it because it doesn’t dig into you like the sports bras do. I need to order some more of those!

Denise Antonewitz

I just tried on the BuoyliftTM bra and, voila, I’ve found my favorite!! It fits like a glove!!  
Thanks again, I’m really excited to find this bra! I’m wearing it right now!!!
Morgan Duran

Hi Yvonne:  
“I had surgery for fibrocystic breast tissue masses when I was in my 20s and have two inch scars on each side between my underarm and breast.  I’m very self conscious in a bra or bathing suit.  I try to find items that cover some of that area.  I usually have an issue with finding items that do cover enough.  I like that the Buoy covers more than the standard bra and I also like that it goes across in the front, having a tank look, so low cut blouses can be left open a little.  And it’s pretty to boot!”  

Thanks again,
Tina Payne

“What a clever solution...the Buoy dress is super soft and so versatile.  I can sleep in it one day and be on the beach in it the next!”

Leeza Gibbons

“I can’t take the Buoylift off! I have beeen wearing it throughout my pregnancy and will continue to wear it while nursing, etc.. This is the most comfortable bra ever.
Thanks Yvonne!”

Susan Belcher

Good Morning Yvonne:
“This buoy bra is the BEST invention EVER!!!!  I wear this bra every single day since I got it.  I don’t want to wash it because then that forces me to go back to the other bra that I was wearing.  Yes, that is rather disgusting therefore I’ll wash it on Saturday and stay home until it’s dry, then if I go out I will be back to normal because I can wear it.
It’s just absolutely amazing the comfort, and how I feel I that I’m not wearing anything. 
I have searched and searched for a bra that’s comfortable, and the one that came closest doesn’t even compare to this.
I’m telling you one day I will definitely see you on Good Morning America very soon – I can’t wait!  I’ll be jumping up and down screaming I know her & her bra’s are the BEST!!!!!
THANK YOU!   You’re so very talented to design something so remarkable!
Have a wonderful day!”

Thanks again,
Jackie Geromanos

“I do believe you have a winner here! I loved your 1st buoylift design, but a bra, something we need but hate to wear because they become so uncomfortable after wearing for awhile, your design is so comfortable it’s like you aren’t wearing one! Very cool & I am so very happy for you-I’m sure this is going to be a big hit with all women!”  

Cathy Kabboord
Kabboord’s Martial Arts School
“Where your greatest opponent is yourself”